just a quick addition

I just wanted to add a couple of things that we hope to accomplish with this blog.  I am a big beer, scotch, and wine lover so there are definitely going to be some posts that are solely about our favorite watering holes.  I would like to add that neither of us is a true wine connaisseur (though we both enjoy it) but we have a working knowledge of popular varietals.  Also, we both are huge fans of farmers markets and ethnic grocery stores so we will try to also devote space to talking about our experiences with these.  Anyways we are both really excited about doing this, and I hope that our entries are helpful and not completely boring.   From here on out I am going to write in green and Jules is gonna use blue.

One more thing that I think is important to note about Julia and I is that I am from the midwest and she is from the South, so we often have very different approaches to our food. 



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