Lynnwood Grill

Well, it came down to “Rock, Paper, Scissors” on this one, so I get to lead off with one of our haunts, Lynnwood Grill  ( 4800 Grove Barton Rd, Raleigh, NC27613-1902). I’m a sucker for any place where I can drink a good beer outside, plus I can’t think of a better way to wrap up a movie over at Raleigh Grande. What could be better than a pre-show drink, stumbling into a good flick, then back for post-show review, fried pickles, and more beer? (Note- “RDU Gonna Eat That?” does not advocate public drunkedness, slurred insults at the movie screen, or throwing popcorn while intoxicated…not that we have ever done that).

So, what’s good about Lynnwood Grill? The atmosphere is relaxed, which is a nice change of pace from some of the bars downtown, where even the valets sneer at you. It’s a place where you can both go on a date and bring a big group of friends to watch the game (I’m not a sports person, are we in rugby season?). The waitstaff is friendly and checks back pretty regularly, although things get hairy on a Friday night, especially if there’s a good movie showing next door at Raleigh Grande. Plus, a decent selection of good-priced beer, with one of two local brews to please the die-hard brew nerds.

The food, well….it’s got some range. I love wings, if I’m in a coma, I want buffalo sauce in my IV. However, Lynnwood’s wings are disappointing ; get the medium and be blanded to death. Get Hot and kiss your tongue goodbye. Plus, the pool of oil sitting at the bottom of my basket could have been used in a Sarah Palin “Drill, Baby, Drill” campaign (SLAM! Got political on ya!).

But maybe it’s not fair to judge a place centered around bar food and pizza on grease. Take their Portabella Mushroom sandwich; a touch greasy, but the combination of the mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella is amazing. But man, when Lynnwood gets grease right, it triumphs. Exhibit A: the fried pickles. Has there been a better invention in the history of mankind? Ok, maybe Polio vaccine or the modern assembly line beats it, but fried pickles are up there! They’re thick enough so that you get that nice dill tang, but still crunchy.

So, as I segue into my better half’s review, I say skip the wings, grab a table outside, toast your friends with a cold one, and enjoy the show!~Julia

First off, I need to mention one thing.  What the heck is with Southerners and vinegar?  Salt and vinegar chips barbecue and pickled everything.  So no, I am not a huge fan of fried pickles.  Anyways, I digress.  I like Lynnwood because it is a great place  to relax after  a rough day at work and have a something fried and yummy and a decent brew.  I like it because it seems like there is a good mix of college students out for  drink as well as businessman relaxing after work and families out with their kids.

Last time we were there I had a Philly Steak which though a bit greasy was very tasty and most importantly dripping with warm cheese.   Also emphasizing my fatty obsession with cheese is my enjoyment of Lynnwood’s cheese fries and chili cheese fries.  Honestly, put cheese and chili on almost anything and I will probably enjoy it.   Remember I come from the land of excessive cheese sauces where we regularly fall to our knees to pray before idols constructed from bricks of smoked Gouda and Stilton.

Now I really do think the staff is quite good at Lynnwood, but occasionally we have had issues especially at off times such as a Sunday afternoon when the US soccer team is actually winning a game.   Yah, people in the U.S. watch soccer, seriously who knew?   Usually though, service is great and servers are very attentive and friendly and go out of their way to help you.

The beer selection is really good for a place like this.  There are several microbrews that are offered as well as very affordable domestics.  The beer garden is what really makes this place a lot of fun to have a drink at.  There really is nothing better than sitting outside and making fun of badly dressed hipster teenagers on their way to the Raleigh Grand to watch vampires sparkle.   Most of all, I just think Lynnwood is a great place to relax, have a few beers and most importantly eat something with cheese.


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