Brunch at Humble Pie: Raleigh’s Perfect Hangover Cure?


Whether a great cure for the Sunday blues or just a way to shake off too much partying from the night before, Sunday brunch is a great invention.   Raleigh’s own Humble Pie (317 S Harrington St Raleigh, NC 27603-1817)  is a great place for Sunday brunch, regardless of the reason you need it.

Humble Pie is an eclectic American tapas restaurant in Raleigh’s warehouse district that Julia and I have often gone for brunch.  As with many restaurants, their brunch menu is limited to about a dozen dishes that are standard eggs and bacon American breakfast dishes, but they are done quite well.  The atmosphere is a big part of the reason I find myself wanting to come back to Humble Pie as there is something very inviting about the space; the high warehouse ceilings combined with the very soft lighting make it very comfortable. The high tables are a great addition because they offer both comfort and they allow one to have an excellent vantage point for people watching.  It is also nice that the clientele on Sunday morning at Humble Pie are a good mix of families, hipsters, and college students.

Our meals began with biscuits and jam, and the biscuits were steaming fresh as if  they had just pulled out of the by the waitress before she served them.   Now, as a Midwesterner, I think I am used to biscuits being very baking soda heavy and I have come to prefer that type.  I find that biscuits in the South have a tendency to be much lighter and have a taste that is slightly sweet and that only has a touch of the baking soda character.  Humble Pie’s biscuits were definitely the latter, but they were great all the same.

For my meal, I indulged in one of my favorite farmboy classics: biscuits and sausage gravy.  Let’s just say that I am a big fan of dishes that involve copious amounts of sauce, and if that sauce is gravy, so much the better.  The gravy was just thick enough and slightly spicy and was well seasoned with a bit of chopped parsley on the top.  The biscuits were very good and although they did not have the stronger baking soda taste I prefer, I think their lighter flavor helped to emphasize and complimented the gravy very well.  Unfortunately, the eggs were sort of on the rubbery side and very much lacked any seasoning.

For her meal, Julia had the Blueberiau Pancakes, which were blueberry pancakes with regular syrup as well as strawberries and cream on the side.  She said that the pancakes were light and golden and the combination of cream and strawberries added the perfect contrast of creaminess and acidity to the pancakes.  Home fries with grilled onions were also served on the side, and were cooked so well that they weren’t greasy in the least.  Julia really enjoyed her dish, but her two complaints were that the fries could have used some more salt and that her pancakes did not come with the blueberry sauce that was mentioned on the menu.

Now, in my book, it is imperative that a great brunch place has great Bloody Marys.  This is partially because I think that brunch is one of the few excuses  I can find to drink (as if I needed one) on Sunday when there’s no football on TV.  But also, I really don’t drink Bloody Marys any other time and I really enjoy them, so this gives a me a great reason to indulge.  The Bloody Marys at Humble do not disappoint, with the perfect combination of spiciness, tomato juice and the bite of the vodka.  Although my drink was great, Julia’s was definitely very heavy on the vodka.

Humble Pie has a always been a great way for us to spend a relaxing Sunday morning, and we will likely spend many more sipping breakfast cocktails and enjoying fatty breakfast foods.


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