A traditional Raleigh breakfast


Okay, in case you haven’t figured it out I am a huge junk food junky, particularly gas station fare.

I think this is partially because I am an ex pack a day smoker (mmm Camel lights) and as a result I was constantly visiting gas stations.   I know this a shocking revelation, but in addition to loving much more sophisticated food, I have a soft spot for processed junk.  Give me a ho-ho and a bag of Doritos any day and I will be happy.  So, on weekend mornings when we are out of caffeinated beverages I often find myself running to the gas station to pickup an energy drink and a healthy snack (and I pay my idiot tax too) as is pictured above.


2 responses to “A traditional Raleigh breakfast

    • rdugonnaeatthat

      I think if I do win big I’ll buy out all the amp and Doritos at the local gas station and just post a picture of myself swimming in junk food.

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