Sunday Blues Wine Pairing

Jim Gaffigan's "King Baby" and a Blackstone Pinot Noir

Jim Gaffigan's "King Baby" and a Blackstone Pinot Noir

Saying Julia and I are bad it dealing with the end of the weekend would be a gross understatement.

Talk to us anytime after 2pm on a Sunday and either one of our attitudes can range from slightly grumpy to downright unpleasant.  It is my personal opinion that Sunday night and not Monday morning is the worst time of the week.   As a result, we always try to find something fun to watch and have a bottle of wine to try to stave off the Sunday night depression.  This fine evening we have chosen a fine varietal from deep wine cellars of Target which we have coupled with the comedic stylings of Mr. Jim “Hotpocket” Gafigan.  The wine is a California Pinot Noir form Blackstone Winery.  Happy Sunday everybody!


And for the record the Pinot Noir actually turned out to be pretty good despite the fact that we had just randomly picked a bottle. It was very smooth and not too acidic with hints of raspberry and an almost plum like flavor on the palette.



One response to “Sunday Blues Wine Pairing

  1. rdugonnaeatthat

    Great idea, Husband 🙂 For everyone out there, this is what we just watched, which supports my belief that Bacon is magic:


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