Snoopy’s: Give me Coney dogs or give me Death


We Americans sure do love to our random meat stuffed together and put on bun, particular that which has been shoved into a tube. I for one have always been game for a great hot dog, whether as a snack on the go or one that has been carefully charred on the family grill.   North Carolina is not necessarily a place that you think of when you think of great hot dogs, but Snoopy’s(1931 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh) proves that you don’t need to go to Chicago or New York for a good one.

Because Snoopy’s was probably the second or third place we ate when we moved to Raleigh, it brings back that feeling of excitement and disorientation you feel when you move to a new city. Though simple, it served as a tasty cheap way to get a meal when we were both running on empty money wise. I also think there is something iconic about the food stand in relation to Raleigh, where comfort food is king.

Like Char-grill and Cookout, Snoopy’s is a stand which you can walk up to or drive up to with just a curb to sit on and eat. Snoopy’s models its hot dogs after the Coney Dog created ironically in Flint Michigan rather
than in Coney Island in New York. Like traditional Coney Dogs, Snoopy’s Coney Dogs are boiled (or possibly steamed) hot dogs topped with chili (Coney sauce), mustard, onions and the hot dog. I should add that Julia and I are still looking for the perfect grilled hot dog in Raleigh so if you know of any good ones let us know. The chili perfectly compliments the onions with just the right amount of sweet acidity and spiciness to be a counterbalance to the tartness of the mustard. The dogs are nice and meaty but I always feel like the buns should be toasted as a defense against the creeping sogginess of the coney sauce.  Snoopy’s also serves burgers shakes  chicken and barbecue, but I have never had anything but the Coney dog and I think it is unlikely that I ever will.

Whether you are for cheap tasty lunch or a way to soak up some excess alcohol after Brewery tour at the nearby Big Boss Brewery, Snoopys is the place.


3 responses to “Snoopy’s: Give me Coney dogs or give me Death

  1. Nice post, the pics are great too! I agree the sogginess of the chili bread combo gets me too. I love snappy grilled dogs. Roast grill gets props for being best hot dog. I haven’t been though. Here’s a chow link on dogs: Sorry it’s the mobile site cause I’m on my phone.

    • rdugonnaeatthat

      Yah we’ve gone by that place a ton of times when we were over at The Flying Saucer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it open though. Shame, it sounds good. Thanks for the props.

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