Sunday Blues Wine Pairing #2

2 Buck Chuck and I Love You Man

2 Buck Chuck and I Love You Man

To cheer us up tonight we have a simple 2-buck Chuck Cabernet Sauvignon that we got the when we went to Trader Joe’s in Chapel Hill on Saturday.  We can’t wait till they open the Raleigh Trader Joe’s on Wake Forest Rd in October!  Together with our Cab, we have Paul Rudd and Jason Segal in I love You Man.  We both are big fans of Jason Segal in such things as Freaks and Geeks, Forgetting  Sarah Marshall, and How I Met Your Mother.  Paul Rudd is especially funny in this one and I do believe that Julia has a little crush on him.  We loved this movie in the theater and hopefully it will help cheer us up in this day of mourning the end of the weekend.  Later, Julia is going to make risotto, and I think she is going to post pictures!


One response to “Sunday Blues Wine Pairing #2

  1. rdugonnaeatthat

    Oh honey…I have a crush on Paul Rudd AND Jason Segel 😉

    I love you *cue awwwws*


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