A horseshoe sandwich pictorial

Well I didn’t have any pics of my own when I first made the post about the Illinois delicacy the horseshoe sandwich .  My little sister back in Illinois told me she was going out for a horseshoe last night and she agreed to take a few pictures for the blog. 

She had a normal hamburger horseshoe and her boyfriend (wearing the orange Illinois shirt) had a bacon horseshoe.   As a refresher, a horseshoe sandwich is a dish that is native to my hometown of Springfield, IL and typically consists of two pieces of toast, two hamburger patties, cheese sauce, and a mountain of fries (ingenious right?).  The burgers can be substituted for pretty much any meat as was done with the  bacon horseshoe below.  These two horseshoes are from D’arcy’s Pint (661 West Stanford, Springfield, IL‎) which has always been the best place to get one, and was the restaurant featured on Al Roker’s show.  Well, enjoy the pics, it looks pretty good to me- especially the bacon horseshoe.


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