Quick Man v Food Springfield episode plug

Man vs. Food is gonna be in going to my lovely hometown of Springfield, IL.  According to the blog post that I have linked they will be taping at Cozy Dog Darcy’s Pint and Joe Roger’s Original Recipe Chili.

I have never been to the Chili place, but Cozy Dog is a route 66 landmark that has been there since the 1949.  The corn dogs or cozy dogs as they call them are great.  As I showed in my last pictures post, D’arcy’s Pint has great horseshoes and is really the place that gave the horseshoe sandwich.  I will be honest with you, Springfield is not known as city with a rich culinary tradition, because pretty much everything about the city is overshadowed by the association of the city with Lincoln.  Still, I am excited that the city is getting recognition for its food.  Anyways, I am gonna try my hardest to make this my last post that mentions the horseshoe sandwich, I promise.  Oh, and I almost forgot, the Sringfield episode premiers on the Travel Channel October 7th, 2009, so check it out.


2 responses to “Quick Man v Food Springfield episode plug

  1. ok, I’m not nit picking but the show is October 7th, not 9th.

    • Oops. I will have to make that change. I swear that’s what it said on the site I was looking at. Thanks, for pointing that out.

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