Sunday Blues: tasty food and football at Manchesters!

Well, rather than mope around as we often do on Sunday afternoons, we decided to go hang out at our favorite bar (Manchester’s Grill 9101 Leesville Rd # 153, Raleigh) and watch the Packers play some football!

So, we sat back, had  a few brews and some tasty bar food while watched the Cincinnati Bengals demolish our team. Manchester’s  is great place to watch a game as they several big TVs with multiple games playing at the same time and a very comfortable bar to sit in front of.  We both choose the sliders which are always excellent there as well some loaded french fries, yum! Also, Julia had the new Big Boss seasonal which has a deep almost cider like flavor and which sports a skull as its logo. Good beer, good food and football (though not so good on the Packers part) made for a very enjoyable afternoon.

4 responses to “Sunday Blues: tasty food and football at Manchesters!

  1. ARe you a Red devils fan? I would so love to have a pub like that here in Melbourne!

    • No good pubs to watch sports in Melbourne? That’s surprising. As for the Red Devils, since we are in North Carolina we are Carolina Hurricanes fans.

  2. Two Tar Heels here! We’ll have to try this place out if trip to NC is on the horizon.

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