Miracle Whip & PBR?

I love the tangy zip, of Miracle Whip

I love the tangy zip, of Miracle Whip

Here some great articles and blog posts that I checked out over the last week, and hopefully the above reference to Stanley of The Office makes sense to some of you.

The Guardian’s “The 50 best Things to Eat and Where to Eat Them”:


At what point did Miracle Whip become the Sandwich spread equivelant of PBR? As if I wasn’t hipsterish enough already.  Slates “That Mayonnaise has Attitude!”


Ok not to get too Slate heavy today, but here’s a good one on the fat tax:


And in an Ironic juxtaposition, one my latest favorites from “This is Why Your Fat”, presenting the Meatini:


It’s sad to say but a lot of these McDonalds food items from around the world look pretty good:


Ok, this is site that I liked when I was just getting into food writing blogging etc.  As the title suggests they pair food and beer together.  Also do a lot on the brewing process


That’s all for this weeks episode, real blogging will resume in the not too distant future.


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