A burger with mojo

Well, we were hoping to go to the famed Roast Grill last week, but even though I watched it happening on the North Carolina Man v. Food episode, I am still not entirely convinced food is served there.   I have never been by there when it is open, and when we went on Saturday, our plans were once again foiled as there was s a sign in the window stating that they were attending a private wedding.  So, after grumbling about Roast Grill being involved in a government conspiracy that resembles the plot of Fringe, we decided on one of our favorites: Mo joe’s  Burger Joint(620 Glenwood Ave Raleigh, NC 27603-1224).

Jack Daniel's barbecue burger

Jack Daniel's burger

Now, we’ve looked before at some of Raleigh’s great burger places, but this is by far our favorite place to stop and munch on some nicely charred ground meat.  I know, I know a lot of you will say that Porter’s is better.  But honestly, I have not had a burger better than the Jack Daniel’s barbecue burger at Mo Joe’s since I moved to the NC.  Topped with Jack Daniels bbq sauce, grilled onions, bacon and cheddar cheese this burger is a whole lotta awesome.  The burger itself is well seasoned and rich with a peppery and slightly sweet bite that puts far and above any of the under-seasoned burgers I have tasted in the big R.  Of course, you can’t beat the sweet oniony combination of topping; add a brew and a side of chili cheese fries and you have a great combination.

Delicious chili cheese fries

Delicious chili cheese fries

I think what first attracted to me to Mo Joe’s was it’s great location at the end of Glenwood Ave in Raleigh right across from Magic Mushroom Pizza.  Especially during the summer, it is a great place to sit outside in their beer garden and enjoy a brew and a burger.  Its location in the close to all the bars and restaurants in makes it a great place to point and laugh as people try in vain to fit parallel park their monstrous land yachts.

Mo Joe's Burger Joint

Mo Joe's Burger Joint

The view from Mo Joe's beer garden

The view from Mo Joe's beer garden

The beer garden

The beer garden

Mo Joe’s has a couple of other  things going for it as far as Julia and I are concerned.  First off, this is the first place that we ever heard of Firefly Sweet Tea vodka.  Our interest was piqued when we heard a patron asking rather loudly if they had any (they were out the time), and we decided we needed to keep any eye out for some.   Shortly thereafter we had a chance to buy a bottle of this sweet liquor  and found it quite good especially mixed with real sweet tea.  Secondly, it is possible that we have watched to much Food TV and as a result we are very fond of restaurants that offer some kind of food challenge.  In Mo Joe’s case it is the Classic Hall of Fame burger, which is a one pound burger with your choice of toppings on it.  If finished, you get live on in fame with your picture placed on the wall of fame.

If you are up for it, Mo Joes serves as a great place to prove your eating prowess and live on an infamy for the rest you days.   However, if you are looking of the best place in Raleigh to have a burger I believe this the place, even if you can’t handle the pressure.

Julia had the blues burger which is covered with bleu cheese and bacon

The delicious Jack Daniel's burger

Golden onion rings also ordered by Julia

Golden onion rings

2 responses to “A burger with mojo

  1. oh my god, why didn’t I know about the chili cheese fries? Those things look amazing

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