Hippos and Star wars cupcakes

We have been lax in our blog posts lately, but let me say that we have at least 3 posts in the works for the next few days.  Anyways on to the good stuff.  Friday night links are comin up…

Biggs approves of this post.

Biggs approves of this post.

First and foremost let me wish Guinness a belated happy 250th birthday for September 24th, may there be 250 more! Man, I wish I was in Dublin for that.


Upon Julia’s recommendation, here is a great post on Star Wars cupcakes.  Just for the record I09 is a great blog for all you sci-fi geeks like us:


Here we go, some great looking cheeseburgers from Chicago.  As you may have noticed I love Illinois.  Which reminds me, it is a shame that the windy city didn’t win its Olympics bid, but it was a long shot anyways.  Good for Rio being the first South American site for the games.


OK, while we’re at it here is some great food art from last year on the design magazine baekdal.com:


Kind of silly, but I still thought worth noting,hippo stew:


Finally, in keeping with our geek theme for the night, The twelve most nerdy cereals courtesy of the blog Topless Robot


Happy weekend everybody!

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