Au Revoir, “Gourmet”

After 68 years, Gourmet Magazine is being shut down by Condé Nast:

My big fear is what this spells for food writing outside of the internet in general. Everyone pegged “Bon Appetit” to get the ax and I could see why. It’s always seemed like a more upscale “Women’s Day” to me. “Gourmet,” and to a lesser extent, “Food and Wine,” inspired me, I could get recipes anywhere, but I’ve learned a lot about fine dining, wine, food regions, etc. from these magazines.

I thought that with the foodie boom, a magzine like “Gourmet” would be safe. I’ll say this, they can take my “Cook’s Illustrated” when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.



7 responses to “Au Revoir, “Gourmet”

  1. I am so sad about this!

  2. Dear Julia!
    Being French, I always find it very sad when a good gastronomic magazine disappears, whatever the country of ist origin!
    But, maybe (I say maybe) they did not bother to have their own internet version?
    Best regards,

    • rdugonnaeatthat

      Bonjour Robert-Gilles! (and that’s sadly the extent of my French) 🙂

      Normally, it’d be true that a magazine or print would close because of its lack of internet prescence. However, “Gourmet” has a pretty heavy influence on and its own website isn’t too shabby.

      Oh well, at least the internet is opening up a lot of food writing out there. I’ll be sad, but there’s always going to be new to find out here too.

  3. Pity!
    In that case, I suppose it is more a question of economics, or… more competition!
    Well, I suppose it is up to us bloggers!
    Best regards,

    P.S.: Do you know Warren Bobrow at:

  4. Yeah so sad. I just attended a Ruth Reichl event in Palo Alto. At the time, it seems Ruth had no clue Gourmet magazine was going down. Check it out at

    • rdugonnaeatthat

      Reading your post was a little bittersweet. Ruth definitely has a passion for food and I hope she finds another outlet in the food and dining community.

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