Caffeine, doughnut burgers, and thorax cakes.

Hey everyone.  Here is a little  links post from me.   We’ve been entertaining out of town guests this weekend so I got a little behind.  Hope you enjoy!

OK this is a great one for me.  Let’s just say there were points where I was drinking way more caffeine than should have been humanly possibly and much of this was in red bull or mountain dew form.   It has been rough ( not as rough as quitting smoking mind you) but I have cut down to about one caffeine drink in the morning.   I still love coffee and actively miss it, but my stomach has other ideas about whether I need it. So, without further ado I present to you for the SF Weekly, 5 things caffeinated things that shouldn’t be.

Well, I can be kind of a jerk when I am standing in line waiting for food or coffee as I have the bad habit of watching people order and then making fun of them in  my head for how bad or bad for them the stuff that they are ordering is.  I realize this is ironic as I am not always eating the best food or that which is best for me.  This a why I think a restaurant where the person before you orders your food may not be the best for me.

I know this is essentially a Paula Dean burger, but whenever I see this I think of the Boondocks episode where Grandad opens a burger joint that serves the Luther (basically this burger) and it is so good that people become addicted to it.  From the Telegraph, the 1500 calorie burger.

An oldy but goody for any Halloween the legendary Thorax Cake from Do it Myself!:

My final link of the week is the following wonderful use of molecular gastronomy from the blog Luxaire.  These parfaits are just beautiful in my opinion.

That’s all for tonight; we have a big backlog of posts prepared but we have been really really bust the last couple of weeks.  We will probably have at least 2 more by the weekend and I am hoping to get 1 or 2 done next weekend as well.  But for now, we still have guests.   Also, we are really looking forward to the NC State Fair  We are going next weekend and I am going to take a million pictures of deep fried everything.

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