Pixels cookies and pimped out Oreos

Once again, I am here to spread a few of my favorite foodie related links.  I hope all of you out there in intraweb land survived your Mondays.

Pimped out oreo cookies from Pimp my Snack.  The idea is to create your own larger version of a favorite snack; in this case they created a pretty fabulous looking Oreo cake:


Ok, I know I am a sucker for Obama inspired food art, but come on there really is something cool about this Obam-er sushi platter.  The flower pot platter is quite striking as well if you are not an Obama fan.


In 140 characters or less, describe the oakiness of this wine.  See wine fans, I knew you couldn’t do it!


In keeping with the season, this cannibal themed dinner is a great idea for a bloody Halloween meal.  I really wish I had the energy to


And finally, Pixelate your cookies!


That’s all for tonight peoples, have a good week!



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