Lilly’s Pizza: Raleigh’s Best?

The Super Duper!

The Super Duper!

Raleigh is not what you would consider of a hotbed of pizza related activity, and although I have enjoyed occasionally eating at Mellow Mushroom, I have not been blown away by the pizza I’ve had in the area.  A couple weeks ago I was hoping that we would change this with our meal at Lilly’s (1813 Glenwood Ave Raleigh, NC) which I had heard from several reliable sources was the best pizza in the area.

Something that has always sort of appealed to me about Lilly’s is that its outdoor seating looks like a great place to sit and have some pizza and beer.   Although we did not get to sit outdoors, our seating inside allowed us to admire the kitschy eclectic charm that is the decorating inside.  I particularly enjoyed the local pieces of art and particularly the model plane and various quirky lit sings that adorned the walls.  As I understand it, this place was formerly the site of biker bar, and it still retains a simple stripped down aesthetic.  This brings me to my one real complaint that I have about Lilly’s Pizza.  It is possible that this is part of what many consider Lilly’s charm, but I was a little turned off by the service that we were given for the amount we paid.  Let’s just say that I was not a fan of the servers bellowing the orders or the fact that we our pizza was given to us minus any kind of serving utensil.

As for the food,  The food that it definitely lived up to the widely held reputation as that it is the best Pizza in Raleigh.   Giving into our carnivorous natures we ordered a medium “Super Duper”  which includes a healthy dose of Canadian Bacon, Italian sausage, pepperoni and ground beef.  Once our pizza was served I immediately focused on the amount of grease that was present, but it only took me one bite to realize it didn’t matter.  I have to say a big part of what made me happy about this pizza was the sauce which extremely flavorful with a very sweet and spicy balance.  Of course, the spicy meats on top definitely helped sway my opinion in a positive direction.   Although Julia thought the crust a bit overdone, we both thought the taste of the crust was crisp and flavorful.  The combination was so good that I couldn’t help but scarf the thick greasy slices down as quickly as possible.

Though the service was not perfect, I would definitely recommend this place as it is by far the best pizza that I have had since we moved to Raleigh.  So, if you are looking for a great place to have a pizza and a beer, you should definitely check out Lilly’s.


6 responses to “Lilly’s Pizza: Raleigh’s Best?

  1. Thanks for the reference! I still don’t know Raleigh as well I hope to and this is a great way to start.

  2. Sure, no problem. We’ve moved to Raleigh from Ohio about 2 years ago so we are always trying places we here good things about. Thanks for stopping by…

  3. Lilly’s is an amazing place! The service does just contribute to its charm! Top 5 favorite pizza places ever.

    • rdugonnaeatthat

      Agreed. It is by far the best pizza I have had in the South. As for the service, it is worth it to get your hands on a slice of the pizza.

  4. For real authentic NY Style pizza (they import their dough!), try Fuggeddaboutit on Six Forks in the Celebration shopping center. I’m from NJ and the pizza passes my high standards!

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