The George on the Riverwalk

Well we have a had a busy few weeks here at Chez RDU Gonna Eat with a Greek Festival this weekend, the fair last weekend, and a friend visiting the weekend before.  So I have a ton of pics in my camera and a backlog of food posts (all restaurant related) to catch up on.  So without further ado, here is a quick review of the food I had while visiting Old Wilmington town.

Crab and Shrimp Crepes

Crab and Shrimp Crepes

Spicy Tuna Steak

Spicy Tuna Steak

Our first winter here my parents and my sister came to visit us during Christmas break, and my little sister insisted that we go to the beach even though it was late December.  My parents had formerly vacationed in North Carolina (they live in Illinois) and were familiar with Wilmington and the river walk area, so they suggested we go there post Wrightsville beach.   Anyways, that is where we ended up having lunch on that day in December, and that is where I returned with my friend (also visiting from Illinos) a couple of weekends ago.

The George (128 S Water St, Wilmington, NC) on the Riverwalk looks out onto the river so on nice days it is a great place to sit and watch the passing pedestrians and occassional ships floating across the river.   I think I am also psychologically programmed to want seafood when I go closer to the beach, and The George is a great place to get some.  When we went it  was still during their Sunday brunch period I chose the Summer Seafood Crepes off of the brunch menu.  These super rich crepes were jam packed with fresh and flavorful shrimp and crab and covered with a creamy mornay sauce that added deep richness of this meal.  Though I felt like I needed a nap after I had finished them, the crepes were delicous and seemed like a great wait to bring out the flavors of fresh seafood in a very breafasty way.  Julia had the spicy tuna which she said was well seasoned and spicy but a bit on the overcooked side.

George is a great place on the riverwalk to have some very fresh seafood that Julia will both likely come back to when we are in the Riverwalk area of Wilmington.   We always really enjoy whatever we get there and I think it is a great place for anyone who is a big fan of seafood and who is looking for a nice place to sit outside and enjoy the scenery.


2 responses to “The George on the Riverwalk

  1. oh those crepes look amazing

  2. I second what Rebecca said!

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