Halloween Peep butter and marshmallow sandwiches

Happy Halloween everybody!


Peeps.  I think they are a candy that you absolutely adore or are completely grossed out by.  Honestly, although I belong to the former camp, I can totally understand why you could feel a little ill at the very thought of consuming even a bite of these ungodly sweet marshmallow treats. 



But as I said, I am a huge fan and I have always loved the fact that after a holiday (it used to be only Easter; but now Halloween, Valentine’s and Christmas as well) you can find these on sale because nobody else wants them.  Of course, most of you have probably heard of the dove trick with the chick Peeps where you put them in the microwave and they expand to the shape of a dove.  Well, as a kind of a Halloween experiment, I thought I would use the microwave trip and create a peanut butter sandwich out of these confections.  I spread peanut butter on one slice of bread and put peeps (did one with both pumpkins and ghosts) on the other and then put them in the microwave for forty seconds.  The result was a sweet and gooey mess that was both a great combination and almost impossible to eat without getting it all over my face.  Peanut butter and (let’s be honest) over-processed marshmallow are a great combination, and I highly recommend you try this if you are  a fan of peeps.  Julia are going downtown in costume tonight for some Drink or Treating.  She is going as a dark Angel and I am going to be Joey Ramone. I hope you all have fun too!

6 responses to “Halloween Peep butter and marshmallow sandwiches

  1. haha, I’ve never seen Peeps on a sandwich before, but I bet it’s yummy! Happy Halloween!

  2. I love it! Creative, comfort, holiday food. Brilliant 🙂

  3. You two are BRILLIANT. Have you tried soaking them in Bailey’s? C’est Peepnifique.

    • rdugonnaeatthat

      wow, that sounds great. I am hoping to do something with eggnog and peeps once the Christmas peeps are out. Hot eggnog+spiced rum+ peeps?


  4. Oh my how cute is this?

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