Champa Thai and Sushi

Thai food will forever remind me of the first apartment I had as a college student in Illinois.  We lived in a great apartment that included a balcony that looked out onto the chaotic bar crowds of the campus town of the University of Illinois.


Panang Chicken

Needless to say, we partied a bit more than we should of, and it often resulted in Saturday or Sunday mornings where one had to carefully step around the mess from the night before.  This apartment also included several smaller takeout restaurants, the best of which was a Thai restaurant called The Basil Thai Cafe (410 E Green St Champaign, IL) which I have gone back to on several visits to Illinois. This experience cemented my love of Thai food as by the end of that year I had tried pretty much everything on their menu.

Naturally, I have been looking for a great Thai place in North Carolina that could hold candle to this my former Thai food Mecca, and it was with much hope that we went into Champa Thai and Sushi (8521 Brier Creek Pkwy Raleigh, NC). My favorite Thai dish, Panang Chicken, which is chicken plus a curry sauce, coconut milk and chopped green peppers. I ordered this at Champa and it had the great combination of spicy curry and sweet coconut milk that I always loved. I also had a super sweet milky Thai iced tea which was great, but after having glass refilled like 4 times, I nearly went into diabetic shock. Julia chose the firecracker tuna roll and several unagi (eel) rolls. She seemed to really enjoy the tuna roll but the thai chillis that were inside it proved to be too spicy for her to handle. As we have mentioned before,we are both huge fans of unagi, but this time it proved to be a bit on the dry side.

Champa lived up to my hopes for a good Raleigh Thai place but unfortunately the sushi just didn’t live up to our standards. So, I would say iif you are looking for some decentThai you should check this place out, but really you should stay away from the sushi.



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