A post Black Friday breakfast

We had a great Turkey day at Julia’s parents’ house complete with the bird, beer, and footballs (Go Packers!).   Honestly though, after the festivities of Turkey Thursday and the shopping of Black Friday (We were at the mall at 2:30am!),  last Saturday we were both ready for an easy and filling breakfast.  Now,  outside of the occasional eggs and bacon Julia and I are not huge breakfast people, so this was something of a special occasion for us.

The finished Product

French Toast is something I remember my parents make for my sister and I on weekends when I was a child.  I have had a few times since, and Julia and I figured it would be a great choice because its both filling and sweet.  We also chose it because we knew it would be easy, and very hard to mess up as a result of our unfamiliarity with cooking breakfast foods. It also turns out that November 28th was National French Toast day so our timing was perfect.

Though I was fairly certain that I knew how to do it without one, we used this recipe as guidance in our breakfast making endeavors.   After cracking the eggs and mixing them together  with milk until they were evenly, we added a fairly generous amount of cinnamon (not included in the recipe) to the batter.   I quickly found that there was a very fine line between overbattering the bread to point where it dissolved and underbattering where it would burn to a crisp, but I managed to toe the line fairly well.  Once in the frying pan, I found that although  couldn’t get that perfect golden brown, the French toast was very easy to cook uniformly.

Once I had cooked one it was time to give them to taste, and we had bought the perfect finishing touches.  To top it off we had bought some fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and some strawberry flavored syrup.  Julia went with just the whipped cream and strawberries and I stuck with syrup and whipped cream for mine.  The toast tasted great with the savory of the eggs combined with slight spice of cinnamon was great.  Of course, nothing beats whipped cream and strawberries and they didn’t fail to add a little extra character to our breakfast.  Julia and I were very happy with our easy and tasty breakfast and I think in the future we are going to try to cook more breakfasty recipes.

6 responses to “A post Black Friday breakfast

  1. I’m a savory French toast fan (no cinnamon or sugar, just eggy goodness with lost of salt and pepper.) Thanks for reminding me I haven’t made it in a while!

  2. Oh man I love french toast! When I worked at the internet cafe I was always glad when people ordered it because I was pretty good at making it and it was probably the best thing on the menu. We put vanilla in the batter too, MMM.

  3. Try and cut back on the cinnamon a touch and add a dollop of vanilla – all the difference in the world.

    We use a non stick pan and a scant amount of butter, but only for the first piece – then it is good enough for the other pieces. My kids make it all the time and love it.

    They would love it with whip cream [never thought of that, duh] but we usually dust ’em with powder sugar and use syrup.

    Yours are much prettier 🙂

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