Corner Markets, doughnut sludge, and space beer

Hey there everybody.  I thought I would a do a fun little links blog post.  I haven’t had a chance to do one of these for a long time, but I always enjoy doing so when I get a chance.

To start I thought I would use a post from one of our tried and true favorites here at RDUGonna:  SFoodie, the SF weekly food blog.  This post details an art installation on one of my own personal  guilty pleasures: the corner market.

Next, I was very sad to learn from the article below that one of my sweet, melt in your mouth goodness that is a krispy kreme glazed doughnut was apparently responsible for a great deal of damage.  Doughnut sludge with that coffee anyone?

This is an amazing pictorial from the Chicago Tribune detailing everything that people deep fry.  Seriously has anybody had deep fried Cadbury eggs?  I love those things so much and imagine deep frying them would just add to their awesomeness.,0,1511251.photogallery

Digging through Not so humble Pie on blogspot I came across this great cephalopod cookies (an octopus essentially).  Take a look at some of their other science themed cookies.  They are amazing.

Finally, in beer news: Japan is offering a beer from outer space, or at least the seeds are.

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed!



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