Village Deli

I think one of the first places we got to know when we first moved to Raleigh in 2007 was Cameron Village.  We always enjoyed going to the library there, North American Video and Fresh Market for a soda or a quick sweet snack from their bakery.  It wasn’t long after this that we first stumbled upon the Village Deli (500 Daniels Street
Raleigh, NC), but at the time we were not particularly impressed and we most likely chose another nearby eatery.  So, the other day we were looking for a great place to have a pastrami sandwich and we once again happened upon the village deli, so we decided we would give it a swing.

The Chicken Bbq Philly

When we stumbled on the menu online, I was immediately struck by the fact that there had been a significant amount of menu items added since we had last visit the Deli.   When we  actually made it to the eatery itself, I was also amazed at the fact that the dining room of the restaurant had expanded significantly.  I kind of wonder if I am remembering incorrectly, but all the same I was immediately surprised by both the size of the  interior of the deli as well as the appearance of several very tasty microbrews on the menu.

After a quick scan of the menu, I could not help but go with a North Carolina take on a classic deli style sandwich: The Bbq Chicken Philly.  Although I have felt a bit of barbecue fatigue in past months, I decided that this selection would be enough of a variation to make it more interesting than your standard barbecue sammy.   I was in luck, as the barbecue chicken tasted like bbq but was well seasoned with the flavors of the philly cheese steak combined with the vinagery Carolina bbq.   The peppery flavors of the seasoning and the cheese complimented the slightly sweet bbq sauce quite well making it a great flavor profile.  Being in NC, I found myself wondering what it would taste like with pulled pork instead of chicken.  The only bad thing I will say about the sandwich is that the bread turned out to be on the dry side.  I topped my meal off with some of the Michigan made microbrew Bell’s winter ale which topped of a tasty sandwich quite well.  Julia ended up eating a pastrami on rye, which she also seemed to find satisfactory. The addition of some onions would have added some kick, but after years of not having a good pastrami sandwich, Julia was pretty happy.

Contrary to our initial impressions a couple of years ago, Village Deli turned out to be a great place to stop for a brew and a sandwich that was both tasty and interesting.  If you are looking for a great place for a some deli style in Raleigh sandwiches I would suggest Village deli any day.

4 responses to “Village Deli

  1. I highly recommend you try one of the homemade desserts or the sweet potato fries. They’re always winners in my book. Also the soup is normally quite good. I visit the one in Wake Forest fairly frequently.

    • Hey there. We’ll have to try those sometime. I’ll be honest, I was pleasantly surprised by how good our meal was.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Village Deli… I went to Broughton and it was a regular on the rotation for when we had off campus lunch… since I’ve moved back to Raleigh my office has been located just around the corner on Oberlin and VD has been a great spot to catch a bit during the busy day. I agree with Mandy that the daily soup specials are always a good bet and I love the veggie sandwich!

    • rdugonnaeatthat

      I love a good veggie sandwich, I’ll have to check this out. You’re lucky to be so close, I’d be there all the time 🙂

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