Sunday Blues Wine Pairing: Norwegian Zombies and Belgian Style Ale

Hey everybody!  We haven’t done one of these posts in a long time.  Anyways, we have been having an extremely relaxing Sunday chilaxing inside and watching some Netflix.

Our drink of choice for this fine day was Blue Moon’s fancier label Grad Cru, which we managed to catch on sale the other day.  We both love Blue Moon, Full Moon, and Harvest Moon, so we were hoping this fancier Belgian style would live up to its label mates.  On first sip, it had a much spicier and yeastier flavor than standard Blue Moon and seemed pretty good.  It wasn’t however that much of an improvement on the original to make it worth the extra cash, and it was also very thick with sediment at the bottom of the bottle as can be seen in the pictures below.   If I would have realized it was unfiltered I would’ve poured it correctly and been able to avoid all of the sediment at the bottom, but alas I dumped into the glass like an idiot which kind of ruined the flavor I think.  Overall a bit on the disappointing side, but we chose the movie Dead Snow which was Norwegian Nazi zombie thriller that was quite entertaining.  Anyways, I hope everybody had a great weekend.  We have 2 full posts that are in the works for later this weekend.

Mmm... sediment

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