Adventures in Home Cooking: Nanner Bread

I’ve never been one for sweet breakfasty breads; something about cinnamon buns and the like makes me rush for a nap. But, even more than that, I also hate a waste of food and after weeks of throwing away bananas, I had enough. It was time to master the art of banana bread.

The Joy of Baking site has an incredibly easy and insanely tasty recipe, it was enough to make me a banana bread fan for life :

The best part of this recipe is that its basic enough to improvise a little, I like adding some brown sugar to the mix; it adds a little extra depth and spiciness. What was amazing to me though was that this was so easy to make, the second time took no time at all to put together, mix, and bake. Plus, it was fun. Nothing like smooshing a bunch of bananas with a potato masher to get all of your aggression out.

One thing I do want to say, it’s very easy to want to overmix the batter. I think what destroyed my last attempt at baking (the infamous birthday Carrot cupcakes) was the allure of smooth batter. I mixed just enough that the flour was absorbed and that’s it. It really made all of the difference, my banana bread loaves rose beautifully. Needless to say; a banana will no longer go to waste at my place.


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