Finding some peace at Cafe Harmony

There’s a lot that makes me happy about the expanding organic movement; the focus on the source of our food, attention back to local, non-corporate farming, raising the questions of ethics into what we eat. But, I’ve also seen a lot of bad with the movement when it comes to the food it prepares. Food can be healthy and ethical, but it should also taste good and a lot of restaurants I’ve been to focusing on the organic lost the focus on imagination and basic seasoning. When I heard that my local organic food store Harmony Farms had opened up a small brunch/lunch cafe, I was hoping that they’d be able to jump that hurdle and offer something really surprising…

Well, what could be more surprising than seeing bacon on the special at a place that has wheatgrass in every corner? The special of the day, The Sunday Grill, was your basic grilled cheese sandwich, but with sophisticated touches; muenster along with cheddar cheese, nitrate-free thick-cut bacon, all with a nice spread of aioli. To have such a good substantial sandwich at a place that also offers your standard healthy juice and smoothie bar shocked me.

That’s what makes Cafe Harmony (5645 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh, NC 27612)
 so special, they’ve balanced their own personal mission with a well-balanced and tasty menu. There’s a lot of vegan or gluten-free options, but it’s still accessible for those who are wary of “rabbit food”. The inside is bright and cheery and their deli counter shows plenty of options for everyone; tuna salads, vegan cupcakes, and several yummy-looking tofu dishes.  

The big draw for Tony and I though were their sandwiches. Along with Sunday Grill, Tony ordered the Buffalo Meatloaf Burger. Like most buffalo, it’s drier than beef, but surprise again, Tony thought it was still juicy and possibly the best prepared buffalo he’s ever had. He was also impressed with the ciabatta bread they used, which tasted fresh. The addition of gorgonzola has keep the burger moist.

Overall, we were really impressed with the food and friendly atmosphere. I already have my eye on the edamame hummus wrap for next time. The only downside to our visit was the price, which is a little steep, but compared to the food you would get at most gourmet sandwich shops, it’s pretty comparable and for much better quality of food. I’m really excited for our next visit, I may even need a gluten-free brownie next time I go.



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