RDU actually ate that?: KFC Double Down

Yes, your eyes are not lying to you.

There are some things that you just shouldn’t eat, breathe around, or even see a picture of. The very idea will clog your arteries, stall your breathing, and leave you a greasy mess. So, why, oh why did Tony and I try the KFC Double Down?

I don’t think there has been such an infamous sandwich like the Double Down since the days of the Luther; the genius creation that take a burger, ham, a fried egg, cheese, all sanwiched between krispe kreme donuts. The Double Down isn’t nearly as deadly, but the media has been ravenously detailing its ingredients; bacon, jack cheese, a secret sauce and, instead of bread, two fried breast filets. While calorie-wise, you could do a lot worse, the 1380 mg of sodium, which is about the amount you should have in an entire day, not in a sandwich.

But Tony and I try to be equal opportunity foodie, but this seemed a little out of my boundaries. I won’t lie, I have my fast-food guilty pleasures and I love crazy sandwiches, but it should be prepared well and taste…well, good. I definely can say without a doubt that the Double Down does not meet any of those qualifications.

It should have been a warning sign when we received the Double Down from the drive-thru,, our bag already had grease spots along the bottom. I could feel my arteries already harden and I hadn’t even had a bite yet. Plus, the sandwich was hard to eat because of its size, you shouldn;t to unhingle your jaw to consume anything.

But what about the taste?! I should say that in theory, this could have been delicious. As everyone knows, I am pro-bacon and will eat it in any form. Plus, who doesn’t love fried chicken. Putting the two together should have been a joyous moment…instead it was…..meh.

With the KFC chicken, you couldn’t taste much besides the Colonel’s secret recipe, meaning MSG and pepper. It overwhelmed everything, I couldn’t even tell that there was cheese and sauce, other than the telltale sliminess.  Plus, not surprisingly, the bacon was of poor quality and, to quote Woody Allen from Annie Hall, “such small portions!” You’re basically buying the idea of chicken as bread and not much else.

I know what you’re thinking, “KFC chicken isn’t a tantalzing treat? Say it ain’t so!” I wonder though how a homemade version would be; maybe with some thick-cut applewood bacon, maybe some chicken breasts pounded thin? It’s going to be heart-clogging either way, but it can be at least tasty and well-prepared.



3 responses to “RDU actually ate that?: KFC Double Down

  1. mollyschoemann

    Oh man. You guys are HARD CORE. This is my favorite review I’ve found of this sandwich so far.

    Still, there IS the option to get the double-down with grilled chicken as bread, instead of fried chicken. For those health-conscious consumers. It’s practically a salad that way!

    • rdugonnaeatthat

      The sad thing is the grilled option is actually LESS healthy. More calories and a buttload of sodium. Yea for KFC for making the grilled chicken breast the least healthy part of their menu.

  2. OMG! You ARE brave! I saw the commercial and decided that was as close as I’d get to it. You have, however, given me some ideas for those Krispy Kremes…

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