Foodie Tweetup at Fearrington

We were definitely excited by the prospect of a Triangle foodie tweetup, but nothing could have prepared us for the great time we had at Wednesday’s event.  Neither Julia nor myself had ever been to Pittsboro, so we had to rely on our trusty GPS to get us where we were going.  Unfortunately, upon leaving work, we found that the address on the tickets was not a valid address in our GPS (perhaps a sign that we need to update it).  So, we had Tom Tom navigate to the center of Pittsboro and hoped for the best.  Luckily,the route took us right by Fearrington which we realized was an ideallic little farm + country inn.

We were immediately charmed by the setting, but the best part was still in store as we drove up the drive toward the Roost itself.  The patio was very nicely laid out with a dessert table, a wine table, and an entree table all waiting to serve the twitterati.  There was also musical entertainment in the form of  an acoustic guitar player positioned directly in front of the beer serving area, which was actually inside of Roost itself.  I was quite fond of the Pale Ale and IPA I had courtesy of Carolina Brewery at the Roost.

We were a bit nervous about meeting people we had only talked to either on twitter or on blog sites so it took us a little bit of time to mingle.  Lucklily as we stood awkwardly at our table, Andrea Weigl came up to us to say hello, which helped us to break the proverbial ice.  As I’m sure someone noticed, I think it is important for me to note that Julia and I do indeed use pseudonyms when we write this blog, so it is quite possible that you saw very different names on our badges than you would on the blog. Anyways, once Andrea came up to us and then a couple of others followed, it seemed like the ice was broken and we soon found ourselves sitting at a table with several very fun and interesting foodies.  We had a great time with @gaggingtowards, @nutellaisevil, @tubafrenzy, @margaretgifford, @TheEcoFoodie, @NCStrawberry, and reps from @WholefoodsCh .  I also just wanted to say a real quick thank you to @andreaweigl, @durhamfoodie, and @FearringtonNC for organizing this amazing event.

Throughout the event, hor d’oeuvres were served, and there were so many that I don’t think we got around to trying them all.  I was particularly fond of the deep fried goat cheese that was topped with jam for its great sweet compliment to the savoriness of the cheese.  I also really liked their play on fish ‘n’ chips, which essentially involved stemmed glassware filled with a helping of french fries with a skewered piece of fried fish covered in tartar sauce hanging above (unfortunately not included in our pics).  The fact that the tartar sauce was a bit more on the subtle side made this dish seem a bit more sophisticated than its namesake.  Julia was a huge fan of the chicken confit which she found very flavorful and well seasoned.  I think for us the only low point was the smoked duck, which was both a bit too cold and overly smoked so it lost the tenderness and richness of flavor that we normally expect in duck.  Other than that, the food was amazing at Fearrington and I would love to come back sometime and have a meal with them.

Finally I would just like to say we both can’t wait for the next tweetup event and another chance to meet more foodies.   We’ll see you all there…


2 responses to “Foodie Tweetup at Fearrington

  1. I’m sorry we missed it. We’ll catch you next time!

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