Real Southern Comfort: Cheerwine Doughnuts

I grew up not too far away from the border of NC, so it amazes me that I lived so close, yet never had a cheerwine. So many wasted years…. Cheerwine is just one of those things that I think of when I think of North Carolina now. And in the world of breakfast pastries, Krispe Kreme stands head and shoulders above everything else, at least to my fellow Southerners and I. So when Tony uttered the four most magical words to me, “Cheerwine Krispe Kreme Doughnuts,” how could I resist?

Maybe I should have resisted a little. The cheerwine doughnuts can’t be bought fresh at your local Krispe Kreme, much to my early Sunday morning disappointment, but can only be bought at a grocery store. This means what makes Krispe Kreme so good, the hot and fresh treat, is completely removed. Maybe I should have knocked on the Governor’s door when she got the first and fresh shipment. Come on, help a lady out Bev! 

Tony and I searched three different grocery stores and finally found them at Lowe’s (a special thanks to Andrea Weigl, who gave us that tip). We encountered another problem, you can only buy a half dozen. If it’s hot glazed doughnuts, I can eat a dozen, no problem. But with filled, frosted doughnuts, my stomach can only take so much.

First, the good. The cheerwine filling is de-lic-ous. It’s light yet creamy, full of that cherry flavor, and almost felt a little fizzy. I was worried that it would be too sweet, but I could eat of whole jar of that icing.

Too bad the rest of the doughnut was a sickly sweet mess. Cheerwine icing filling is one thing, but to add sprinkles and chocolate frosting to a sweet doughnut too is way too much. After one doughnut, my stomach was aching, my teeth felt fuzzy, and Tony and I sadly had to get rid of the rest.

So, for a special July-only treat, cheerwine fans should give this a shot. Just remember to bring your insulin and prepare for the eventual sugar crash.




2 responses to “Real Southern Comfort: Cheerwine Doughnuts

  1. My teeth hurt just reading that. But, also not a big fan of doughnuts or cheerwine so maybe that’s why

  2. Good job! I’ll take my Cheerwine straight — no doughnuts! You are right though, they should be fresh at the KK drive through, like all KK’s

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