Remedy Diner : Good for what ails you?

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Yah, Sunday morning brunches are a slightly cheesy cutesy couples thing to do, but man do I love me some eggs benny and bloody Marys and I really don’t get many other opportunities to have either.  This particular Sunday, we went with The Remedy Diner (137 East Hargett Street Raleigh, NC 27601), which did not have a brunch menu so much as a breakfast menu plus brunch drink specials.  Remedy is well known to us as a favorite of many locals, particularly those of he non-meat eating variety, so we decided that it would be a great time to give it a try.

Although Remedy refers to itself as a diner, both the fact that they have a bar and that they serve vegetarian and vegan fare makes them stand out amongst their greasy spoon brethren.  They do however follow the diner formula of a menu that includes breakfast and lunch foods all day, so we were able to choose from both menus giving us a better feel for what the Remedy was all about.

For my meal I went with breakfast, choosing the french toast, sausage, and the item that most caught my eye: cheese and grits topped with gruyere cheese.  For me, it has always been difficult to get into grits, which to me often seem like a weird gritty oatmeal.  In this case though, for once I totally got the idea of grits as not only were these topped with an amazing cheese sauce, but they were cooked to the point where they lacked most of the unpleasant texture that has always turned me off about grits.  Once the clock had struck 12, I also ordered myself a bloody Mary which has always been my favorite part of Sunday morning brunch.  I loved the fact that their Bloody Mary packed a bunch more heat and Worcestershire sauce (or perhaps horseradish?) than your normal Bloody Mary, causing me to quickly take a sip of water to calm my burning tongue.  The French toast and sausage were great as well, but did not live up to the awesomeness that was the grits n’ bloody mary (like Chicken n’ Beer?).

Julia went with the roast beef sandwich which came with  pico de gallo and chips as a side.  She was a big fan of the roast beef mostly because of the horseradish topping, but the pico de gallo was very underseasoned and rather disappointing.

As far as I’m concerned, the amazing bloody Mary alone is a great reason to visit the Remedy Diner on slow Sunday morning.   Julia both really enjoyed our first visit to Remedy Diner and we hope to go back soon, possibly on one of our late night rambles through downtown Oak City.


3 responses to “Remedy Diner : Good for what ails you?

  1. Nice review! We love great french toast and bloody marys, too. We’ll definitely give it a try. We tried them for dinner in March, but they had fire alarm problem, so we went across the street to Raleigh Times. There we had the chef special sliders and they were good, but not great. Next time we’ll stick to the regular menu, as it looked very good.

  2. Brunch Defenda!

    Why is Sunday brunch a “slightly cheesy cutesy couples thing to do”? What’s wrong with lingering over some great food on a lazy Sunday? I would venture that postingblog entries about a reality TV show concerning a chef competition is far more cheesy. The brunch crew is on alert!

    • rdugonnaeatthat

      Wow, someone really cares about their mid-morning egg dishes.

      Nothing wrong with Brunch, Tony and I are huge Sunday brunch people. But you can’t deny that brunch is a pretty stereotypical “cheesy couples” thing, beaten only by the “I had too much to drink and I need starch to soak it up” crowd. Lingering over a meal anytime is fine.

      Plus, if any meal needs defending, it’s the late-night after-bar snack, where’s the love for that?


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