O Canada ya’all: Poutine in North Carolina

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A couple of weeks ago after a night out (beer may have been involved) with my coworkers, I was up late on twitter after Julia went to bed.  I mentioned casually that I had been to Backyard Bistro, and although I had not had a chance to taste it, I had seen that they were apparently serving poutine.  Poutine is a French-Canadian bar food dish that is a plate of  fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.  There was a very quick response by a couple of twitter friends who were both very excited by the prospect of getting a chance to have poutine down here in Oak City.  I first learned about Poutine on a trip to Toronto in Grad school where I sampled it at a couple of different places and really, really liked it.  I was very excited to find that a couple of other locals shared my enthusiasm for Canadian bar food, so we got together a little meetup and we were on our way.

Backyard Bistro is a great little sports bar right across from RBC center whose main purpose is to serve those hungry  hockey fans, and as a result it has chosen to serve a very popular dish with those fans from the great white north.  The night that we were there, Michael Buble was performing at the RBC Center across the street, and as a result Backyard was inundated with middle aged women and teenage girls, which are presumably his demographic.  The lack of loud sports fans almost made want to go back during hockey season so I can slurp down some poutine with beefy hockey fans prior to a Canes game.

I think the best part of the night was sort of hanging out and getting a chance to really talk with other flood bloggers. It was really cool to be able to hang with everybody, only a few of whom we had both met personally.  The twitterati in attendance were @Mary_Eats, @Demandycom @nutellaisevil and @JadBean.  It’s one thing to talk to someone online, but it felt like we all really got a chance to get to know one another outside of the twitter industrial complex, and I really hope we all get a chance to get together again.  I feel like I should insert some random platitude about how one can never know anybody in the coldness of the information age, but I will resist the urge.  Seriously though, I had a great time and can’t wait until we do it again.

The Poutine was good, topped with steaming gravy and cheese (though I’m not entirely convinced it was actual cheese curds)  it made for a great snack to wolf down as I consumed a brew, which I kind of regret was not Molson.  I will say that the two or three times I have tried it, this dish has always made me wish it wasn’t as salty as it is.  I may have made a mistake by trying to consume my own plate of poutine, which amplified this saltiness to an extreme level.   I think a smaller plate of poutine and a burger would make for a great combination that would have evened out the saltiness issues I had.  Tasting poutine again was great, and I will definitely be ordering it again if I go back to Backyard Bistro.

I think our little adventure to the great white north was a success, and I look forward to many more Canadian culinary delights.


3 responses to “O Canada ya’all: Poutine in North Carolina

  1. Gonna have to try this one, neighbor!

    • Bad news everyone. I was at Backyard Bistro last night. New menu. No poutine. Server says they sometimes have it as a special. Oh, well. Anyone know of anyone else other than The Mill in Carrboro that serves dish?

  2. Thank you for blogging about this! I’m moving to Raleigh (well, technically I’ll be living in Cary) and have been wondering if there is anywhere nearby serving poutine. You have brightened my day!

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