Adventures in Home Cooking: Steak in Red Wine Sauce

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One of the few drawbacks to living in an apartment is the fact that we don’t have regular access to a Grill. The communal Grill is a block and a half away and not conducive to private grilling sessions. I’ve had to look longingly at grilled recipes, especially when they call for steak. However, a lot of indoor cooking recipes for red meat fall in the “put in a pot, let stew for three hours,” which isn’t exactly light summer fare. But sometimes, the need for a piece of red meat knows no bounds.

This steak in red wine sauce recipe from does the unthinkable and somehow manages to make steak even more awesome:

I love cooking with red wine in general, it adds a lot of depth and flavor to everything (and it’s a good excuse to indulge in a glass). Plus, shallots may be one of my favorite ingredients to cook with, it’s not as prominent as garlic and onions, but still adds that pungent sweetness.

Sadly, my plan to cook a good steak ended up backfiring on me. I have a hard time cooking red meat, it either turns out practically still breathing or charred to a crisp. I told myself that it wouldn’t happen this time; I waited until my pan and the oil was hot, but not smoking. I set a timer to remind myself to turn the steaks and watched like a hawk. I don’t know what happened, I turned around to measure out the red wine and water for a brief second and when I turned back to the stove, my beautiful steaks were almost *gasp* well done! So disappointing.

At least the sauce turned out beautiful. The recipe calls for a dry red wine, but I like to use a Malbec, which is a soft and fruity wine, but I think it works really well in meat dishes. The smell of garlic, shallots, Malbec, and a little bit of soy filled our kitchen and almost made me forget about the two pieces of grey meat I pulled from the pan.

The best part of this dish is that it translates well between the seasons. In summer, pair it with some roasted corn or a chilled tomato salad and it’s almost refreshing. In the winter, some baby Yukon potatoes or roasted carrots make it a hearty dish. Plus, it’s a super quick recipe that creates the illusion of spending more time in the kitchen, which for a lazy bum like me, is sorely needed when I want to impress people with my cooking “skills” (more like lack thereof).

So, next time, I’ll watch the meat more carefully and pray for medium rare. If it doesn’t turn out, a little extra red wine sauce will save the day.


One response to “Adventures in Home Cooking: Steak in Red Wine Sauce

  1. Delicious Recipe. Thank you for sharing!

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