Huske Hardware House: A Great Fayetteville Pub

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I think that both Julia and I both have rather short attention fans, and are therefore quite likely to pick and explore a random North Carolina town on any given day during the weekend.  We have a tendency to pick a random city and just have the GPS lead us to the city center so we can see what we end coming across.  Our trip to Fayetteville was just one of those cases in which we were restless, chose a city and started driving.  We had actually been to Fayetteville before for the Dogwood festival,  and we kinda wanted to go back at check out the city a little more.

This time around it was  an early Sunday afternoon and being the beer lovers we are, we were both looking for a nip to chase the Sunday blues away.  Huske Hardware (405 Hay Street, Fayetteville, NC‎) was a beacon at the end of a sun-baked street where most of the businesses were closed or semi open on a Sunday.  We both jumped at the opportunity to check out a British style pub complete with English pub fare as well as its own microbrews.

Huske Hardware is a microbrewery much in the vein of Natty Greene’s in Raleigh, but with a much more British style of cuisine complete with fish and chips and shepherds pie.  As far the beer goes, I went with the Rusty Nail pale Ale  which definitely had the sharp bite of hops that I am a big fan of in pale ales.  Julia went with the Farmhouse Ale, which was a rich and slightly sweet beer that was just light enough for a sweltering summer day.   The beer was great, but the real winner for me was the meal of potato pancakes topped with smoked salmon and cream cheese.  This rich, sweet, and creamy combination was great, but so rich that I was unable to finish all if and still have enough room for beer.  Julia had the fish and chips, which were cut in the shape of rather large fish sticks instead of the more traditional fried fish filets.  Julia quite enjoyed her fish and I really loved my potato pancakes, but a more interesting dish was soon to come when we hit dessert time. On their lovely dessert menu, Huske offers a Sledgehammer Stout float.  Yes, that’s right, vanilla ice cream with a healthy helping of Stout ale poured on top of it.  A great combination, but I would not recommend it for a day that you are sitting outside and it 96 degrees in the shade.  Despite this, I really enjoyed the float and I am kind of interested to see how the other beers would have tasted in the same form.

We really enjoyed our first trip to Huske Hardware, and I really think that both the English pub food on the menu and the tasty microbrews make it a necessary stop for anybody visiting Fayetteville.

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