Beer Revolution at Roth Brewing Company

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In case you couldn’t tell, Tony and I enjoy a good beer now and then. When we moved to Raleigh, we had no clue that this area was a micro-brew paradise. There’s some awesome local brews in the area and I am very pleased to welcome Roth Brewing Company (5907 Triangle Drive, Raleigh, NC 27617) to the family.

After a tough week, we headed down Triangle Drive  in search of brew.  Roth is truly a diamond in the rough, if it wasn’t for the signs pointing the way, Tony and I would have been driving in circles in the industrial park. Luckily, the happy guys standing out front with glasses of frothy goodness let us know we made it. It’s a small place, but the atmosphere is like hanging out with your best friends. There’s a couch to play Super Nintendo on, packs of cards on every table for improptu sessions of War, and an awesome and friendly crew.

But let’s move on to the main attraction, which is their beer. The house favorite is the Raleigh Red, which is an amber ale with a crisp finish. Normally, I’m not a fan of red ales, but the hoppiness of the brew wasn’t overpowering. Tony took on a pint of the Foehammer, which earns its “Strong ale” name with a 10% alcohol content. It’s definitely not a beer for the weak of heart (or the empty of stomach, the only thing Roth Brewing is missing is a good snack place in close proximity).

But the true star of the place in my humble opinion is the beautifully named Forgotten Hollow. This is magic in a glass, my friends. I think Porters as a whole are underrated and overshadowed by its bully of a brother, the Stout. Roth’s porter though stands out as one of the best and most interesting local beers I’ve had. It’s  surprisingly smooth yet full-bodied. I was a little wary when it was described as a cinnamon porter, thinking it would be too heavy, but the spice is wonderfully balanced and enhances the maltiness of the beer. I could drink a growler of the stuff and it’s not surprising that this was their first beer crafted, because you can feel the love (not to get all sappy, but feel free to wipe a tear when you take your first sip).

Considering that Roth has only been in business for a short while, they have really impressed me and show that they can stand up with the big boys. We’re looking to many, many MANY more pints to come.

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