Triangle Foodie Tweetup: Part Deux

We both had an awesome time at the first Foodie Tweetup, so when we heard that they were planning a second one, we were both excited to get another chance to hang out and try out a new local restaurant. 

This time around the event was held at the Posta Tsucan Grill in the Marriot Hotel at 500 Fayettville Street in Raleigh.  We once again had a great time and got a chance to meet some cool new people and hang out with some of those that we already knew.  I can’t wait for the next event which is going to be held in October at  Cary restuarant that can’t quite seem to recall the name to.  Check out my photos form the event below, and once again thanks to both Andrea and Johanna for organizing!

Also here is our first foodie tweetup post:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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