Lucky 32, Hooray!

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Last Thursday was the Triangle Tweet-up at Cary’s Lucky 32 (7307 Tryon Road
Cary, NC 27518).  As always, the event was hosted by the lovely ladies @andreaweigl and @durhamfoodie. Tony and I thought that the Moldy Peaches’ song “Lucky Number Nine” should have been co-opted for the event, but I guess we wouldn’t have been able to get the rights in time. Luckily, the food there was so good, it didn’t need fanfare.

I’m always excited for the Tweet-ups, it’s a great way to meet up with people that we may only get to talk to through Twitter or the blog. Plus, I like that Lucky 32 specializes in seasonal southern fare mixed with modern touches. But, I was extra excited this time due to three little words: pork belly sliders. I couldn’t wait to try these and kept an eagle eye out on the table whenever it was replenished with something new. However, as anyone who has attended a tweet-up before knows, when you put foodies in a room with platters of deliciousness, prepare to fight your way through the maddening crowd to get some. I was scared that I would have missed my chance to try the pork belly.

In the meantime though, Tony and I did manage to try some awesome dishes. You can’t have NC-inspired food without serving some pulled pork, so I was happy to try their “Voodoo Pig Bread,” a slider-sized poulled pork sandwich, serviced with red onion and chevre. I loved the use of the cheese here, the creaminess of the cheese balanced the vinegar glaze of the pork. The fried pickles that we had with it were a little lacking in seasoning though, but it’s hard to complain about fried anything.

We battled the herd for another go-around for the fried green tomatoes and hush puppies. I love fried green tomatoes, their tartness is always a surprise. The cornmeal Lucky 32 used to fry the tomatoes in added a nice sweetness. Again, it’s sidekick was a little lacking, I like the idea of using sweet potatoes in hush puppies, but I didn’t catch any of the flavor. It was only until I read the menu at home afterwards did I realize what the hush puppies were made of.

Next came a sample of the entrees. I adored their black bean cakes, which was like a fiesta in my mouth, and everyone was invited. I can’t imagine this being an entree though, the small bites seemed perfect for an appetizer, maybe not enough to sustain you though. The meatloaf served with it was more appropriate as a main course, plus it had the magic ingredient of bacon! Despite the combination of beef and pork, the herbs used in the meatloaf made it taste surprisingly light.

I was a little crestfallen to hear that desserts were coming out, all of this great food, but no pork belly. Just when I gave up, Tony came across the room with a plate loaded with brownies, bread pudding, and…..a pork belly slider! I can’t even tell you what the desserts tasted like, because I was so focused on the pork belly. It was a perfect mouthful; crisp skin, juicy pork, and a little bit of tomato relish for acidity. It was definitely worth the wait.

So, once again it was a great night. It’s always good to see the usual gang and meet some new faces. Plus, as much fun as it is to talk food, I love it when you get to actually talk about non-culinary matters, like the awesomeness of Jon Stewart or British TV. Plus, Lucky 32’s bar carries Fullsteam’s Hickory Porter, which is one of my new favorite beers for Fall. Good food, great drinks, and wonderful company, who could ask for more? Maybe some good music?


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