Stumbling Along Tobacco Road

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As a diehard fan of the Green Bay Packers fan living in North Carolina, I pretty much have to go to a sports bar to catch their games so I often find myself plopped down on barstool watching a game.  As we have mentioned in earlier posts, we are big fans of Manchesters on Leesville, which is our usual game watching venue.  We went to Tobacco Road shortly before the actual football season after  we had heard it mentioned that they served duck confit as part of their game day cuisine.  We love our bar food, but to have duck confit as part of a food that normally consists of hot wings and bratwursts seemed like Tobacco Road was trying to take football eats to the next level.

Tobacco Road is located at 222 Glenwood Ave Raleigh underneath a new and rather swanky Glenwood apartment complex that is surrounded by the bars and restaurants of south Glenwood.  We were there at a time when no games were really playing so it was hard to judge how it would be to watch a specific game there.  I am used to a much smaller venue to watch my games, but I loved the fact that there was essentially a wall of TVs that were in good view of the tables to watch multiple games at a time. 

We were sad to find that the duck confit had been discontinued on the menu, but fortunately for us there were several very enticing dishes listed on the menu.  I quickly gravitated in the direction of the pub fries which were sweet potato fries with curry sauce which seemed like a simple yet interesting twist on sweet potato fries.  I really enjoyed the spicy sweet bite of the dip and I really liked the idea of curried sweet potatoes.   For my main entree,  I once again went one with that sweetest of tubers in the form of sweet potato hash.  The sweet potato hash had sweet potatoes, carrots, peas and lamb (my favorite) and was topped with fried egg.  Once I had broken into the egg and it run down on top of the veggies and meat it was the perfect hearty dish that I was hoping it would be.  Julia had the tar heal ram wrap which again contained lamb but had the added beneifit of some awesome pickled red onions which she thoroughly enjoyed. 

I like the fact that Tobacco Road is really pushing the sportsbar toward something that can experiment with its food more than is normally attempted at an average sportsbar.  At the same time it doesn’t feel like the dishes are different to the point where they are a drastic departure from the stadium food to make them unrecognizable.

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  1. We are fans of the Pack, too! My boyfriend is the diehard fan. He is a true Cheesehead – grew up in Central WI. Our go-to bar is High Point on Whitaker Mill. They show every game on Sundays so that’s pretty nice. Their food is hit or miss. A lot of “home cooked” meal choices, i.e. beef stew, biscuits and gravy for brunch, etc. Sadly, I wouldn’t order the mac & cheese again but the burgers aren’t bad. Overall, it’s decent. If you ever find yourself there on Game Day, you should see us. Probably the only Pack fans in the place. 🙂

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