Triangle Tweet-up: Six Plates

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There’s a ton of reasons Tony and I loved the semi-monthly Triangle Tweet-up. We get to see friends, make some new ones, and get to try food at new and interesting places around the area. This month’s tweet-up was no exception, I’ve been dying to go to Six Plates (2812 Erwin Road, Durham, NC 27705) and the combination of food and friends made it a great night and a very much needed break from all of the holiday prep.

 I like the philosophy of Six Plates; instead of trying to make everything from spaghetti to reuben sandwiches like some restaurants, Six Plate focuses on six menu items and on making them well. The ever changing menu also makes each visit different, so if something looks good on the menu, grab it while you can!  For the tweet-up, Six Plates served up one-bite samples of some of their dishes and opened their doors for a Special Sunday night get-together.

Six Plates definitely didn’t disappoint, there were some dishes that hit it right out of the park. The truffled sirloin cups were a huge hit and for good reason. The flavor was earthy and savory and the sirloin melted in my mouth. It was the perfect amuse bouche, I couldn’t wait to see what would show up next.  My next bite threatened to overtake the sirloin cup as the favorite of the night; after many an antipasto plate at Treehouse Bistro, I have grown to love the creamy, sweet, and savory taste of cheese and walnuts. Six plates combined walnuts, blue cheese, and fig jam on a crostini. It was heaven and perfectly balanced. But just when I thought I tasted the best, I experienced a BBQ chicken confit tostada. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner. I’m a sucker for barbecue and they blended the right blend of sweet, salt, and spice. The queso fresco on top was just the right hit of acid too. I could have eaten an entire platter of these, too bad everyone else devoured them just as quickly.

Even the dishes that weren’t stellar were pretty damn good. The tuna tartare was served on my least favorite of fruits-posing-as-vegetables,the cucumber. I’ve never understood why people like these, maybe their flavor is too mild. However, what was really mild was the flavor of the tartare, I didn’t really get much seasoning there. On the same boat was smoked salmon blintz, I think this would have been better if the blintz was served warm rather than cool, but for hors d’oeuvres, it was ok. As far as dessert, sadly we missed out on the chocolate and strawberry mousse cups, which would have been the perfect sweet bite to end the meal. Luckily, I had a lovely glass of Valle Escondido malbec to drown my sorrows in.

The regulars were all there; @durhamfoodie, @mary_eats, @jadbean, @thegourmez, and the always awesome @Andreaweigl. Plus, we got to meet some new friends face to face, including @themasalawala, and @pbacgrad. Finally, we got to meet the elusive Paula at Thanks to everyone for showing up and making it such a great night.

All in all, I can’t wait for the next Tweet-up. I also see a night at Six Plates in my future. They definitely amused my bouche.


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