Chapel Hill’s Famous Time-Out Chicken

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As newcomers to the Triangle in 2007, one of the first areas we visited was the always awesome city of Chapel Hill.  It was then that we first stumbled on Time Out Chicken, but at the time we fairly clueless about the area and did not even get a second look.  It took a long time and a Man Vs Food feature to realize that Time Out was a something of big deal to college students and Chapel Hill locals alike.  We had since been meaning to try it, and we finally got the opportunity when we ended up in Chapel Hill way too early for the Southern Season yearly sale.

Time out is country cooking style restaurant that is famous for its chicken cheddar biscuit sandwich and this was exactly what we were craving the day we were looking for a snack.  There were also variety of other sides such as Mac and Cheese, fried okra,or mashed potatoes that would probably be great for a post-drinks snack, but did not seem like a great choice for breakfast.  We went with the simple Four-corner cheddar cheese chicken sammy, and we were not disappointed.  The biscuit was huge and fluffy with a perfect balance of baking soda and sweetness.  The chicken is quite possibly the best non-chain fried chicken I’ve had in Raleigh.  It was a great piece of chicken with just the right amount of saltiness and light crispness that made it perfectly matched to the oozing piece of cheddar that was on top of it.  I will say though, that was a big sandwich and I was stuffed for hours after that.  I really feel like to truly appreciate the Time Out chicken n cheddar (and their lovely country-style sides), you must have a few drinks.  I am thinking of making a boozy pilgrimage to the newly opened NCSU location to test out this theory.

I was more than happy to find that Time Out’s chicken sandwich turned out to be worthy of the praise that it has received from UNC students and Man V Food alike.  It will forever be a staple in Chapel Hill for drunk Co-eds and us old folks as well.

3 responses to “Chapel Hill’s Famous Time-Out Chicken

  1. I totally agree that time out, like a cheap wine, gets better after a few drinks.

    That being said, I definitely spent my fair share of late nights enjoying their fried okra and tasty biscuits. Mm…. (hazy) memories.

  2. That sandwich thing looks amazing….

  3. Sign me up for this drunken test drive of yours.

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