Tyler’s Taproom

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Much like Asheville, NC (Beer city 2010), Raleigh and the Triangle are fast becoming a city that is known for it’s breweries (5 or 6 at last count) and its great drinking establishments with impressive beer lists.  Recently several bar and grills have opened in the area, but only one has really piqued our interest. Although the beer selection was important, there were a couple of items on that tipped the scales in the favor of Tyler’s Taproom.

Tyler’s Taproom has multiple locations in the Triangle but the new spot at Seaboard station is it’s first one in Raleigh.  The Seaboard location is a great space with high warehouse style ceilings and brick walls and dark wood paneled walls with beer signs painted all over them, as well as some amazing cut out metal brewery signs.   Also, among the many tables, there are 2 or 3 tables that actually have their own beer taps (at the time it looked like it had Fat Tire on tap).  I’m assuming that if you pay extra you can sit at that table and serve your own beer while you eat. Tyler’s definitely has some amazing style and makes for an extremely comfortable place to hang out and have a beer.

The menu item really drew Becca and I to Tyler’s was not the beer at all but the bacon popcorn, which was covered in both small pieces of bacon and some of the most feathery, finely grated parmesan cheese I have ever had.  Once again bacon proves to be the perfect compliment to the popcorn as it does with pretty much everything.

I went with the breakfast burger for my main course, which is a burger with a fried egg and bacon on top.  It was a great burger that reminded of a college favorite of mine that I affectionately referred to as a heart attack in a bun.  Rather than just a simple fried egg and bacon, it was a eggs benedict and Canadian bacon on top of a burger.  While that burger used to leave me bloated and with slight feeling of self loathing, the breakfast burger was lacking in the heaviness that you might expect from such a burger.

I really felt like Tyler’s was a very inviting place and I was very impressed with both its beer selection and its food. It really makes a great addition to our already great collection of beercentric bars in the Raleigh area.


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