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Domo Arigato, Haru Sushi

Sake to meTony and I had a one-day vacation last week. Work’s been crazy for both of us, hence the radio silence this week, so we needed to get away (we’ll post about our trip to Winston-Salem/Greensboro later this week). Just to show sometimes you can get away and stay home too, we came back and went out for Sushi at Haru Sushi (2603 Glenwood Ave
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Let’s all go to the lobby and get ourselves a snack!: Food and Film

I admit, despite the chick-flick trappings, I am excited about Julie & Julia (and not just because Julia Child is my namesake). I studied film for a while, so a good food sequence in a movie that can make my mouth water is a thing to behold. Both film and food can be wonderful, disastrous, or bring out our deepest emotions. I rarely get a chance to bring the two sides together in real life, so I’m taking this opportunity to discuss a few of my favorite food-in-film moment (in no particular order and beware Spoilers!!): Continue reading

Woody’s Barbecue

Whenever I enter a barbecue joint of any kind, part of me hopes for bluegrass blaring, sawdust on the floor, and a smoke filled whiskey splattered dive bar.   Given a choice between a rundown restaurant in the sticks that is badly in need of renovation after fifty years of neglect and a spotless shining new more gourmet barbecue place, I will always choose the former.  I don’t want to turn this into an anti-corporate rant about the McDonaldization of the world, so I will just say that I would prefer that barbecue places make a greater effort to acknowledge their roots.

Woody’s (6176 Falls of Neuse Rd Raleigh, NC 27609) is a barbecue place that opened up recently at the Northridge shopping center on Falls of Neuse in a building that used to be a Hardee’s.  It should also be noted that Woody’s is a chain barbecue place that can be found in a lot of areas of the Southeast.  The building doesn’t look like much from the outside as it still holds a great deal of that crappy fast food restaurant charm including  crumbling drive thru.  Once I got inside I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had put a lot of work into renovation including new booths, pine paneling on the walls and many many signs with a vaguely country theme.   The bar at the back was a nice addition though, and I was very happy to consume a Blue Moon with my meal.  The signs irked me a little and they are likely the source of my discussion of barbecue authenticity at the beginning of this post.

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Pearl Chinese: As happy-go-lucky as the DMV?

Pearl Chinese (3215 Avent Ferry Rd Raleigh, NC 27606-2720) is dwarfed by its much more cheerful neighbors: the NC DMV and the U.S. Post office, both vacuums of beauty hope and everything that is good about the world.   But don’t be fooled by the surrounding student slums, the pawn shop, or the most ghetto looking Food Lion in Raleigh, Pearl Chinese is worth a second look.

I don’t work far from Centennial Campus, so I often patronize area businesses, but finding one I like is often a rather tall order.  Honestly, before I heard about Pearl from a couple of workmates I didn’t even know there was anything on that part of Avent Ferry.  Expecting nothing, I was pleasantly surprised the first time I happened upon this place and below I talk about my experiences during my second  visit.

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