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Getting away from it all in Winston-Salem

It’s been a while since Tony and I went away and our empty pockets made a beach getaway a no go, a week in the city completely out, and an all-expense paid month touring Europe so unlikely, I think I had to pay $5.00 just to think about it. However, a day away was greatly needed, so we looked around at what we had in North Carolina.  Luckily, we have some neat places to tour and get away from it all right around the corner in Winston-Salem(well, maybe if that corner was a couple of hours away). Continue reading

Hippos and Star wars cupcakes

We have been lax in our blog posts lately, but let me say that we have at least 3 posts in the works for the next few days.  Anyways on to the good stuff.  Friday night links are comin up…

Biggs approves of this post.

Biggs approves of this post.

Continue reading