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In Search of: Chapel Hill Sushi at Sushi Yoshi

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While everyone talks about Durham being a burgeoning food capital, I always thought that Chapel Hill could give it a run for its money. I think the mix of academia, internationalism, and its hippie past create the perfect storm, it’s a place that both embraces the crunchy local food movement, high end cuisine, and a slice of Greasy faux-NY pizza, all within walking distance of each other. However, it surprises me that with all of different tastes and place to choose from, finding a decent sushi restaurant there is pretty daunting. After all, sushi is pretty darn ubiquitous now, so you’d think there’d be at least one good sushi joint in all of Chapel Hill. Tony and I didn’t realize it’d be such a search.

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Top Chef Season 7, Episode 8: United Nations

Before we start, one sigh of relief.  Thankfully, last week’s producer-driven stunt of pea puree-gate was given little screen time this week. Ed and Alex commented on it once each at the beginning and we were done. Top Chef, you should know better, save the manufactured drama for “Real Housewives” or the other Bravo ilk.

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Champa Thai and Sushi

Thai food will forever remind me of the first apartment I had as a college student in Illinois.  We lived in a great apartment that included a balcony that looked out onto the chaotic bar crowds of the campus town of the University of Illinois.


Panang Chicken

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Domo Arigato, Haru Sushi

Sake to meTony and I had a one-day vacation last week. Work’s been crazy for both of us, hence the radio silence this week, so we needed to get away (we’ll post about our trip to Winston-Salem/Greensboro later this week). Just to show sometimes you can get away and stay home too, we came back and went out for Sushi at Haru Sushi (2603 Glenwood Ave
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The East in the South: Grand Asia Market


Going to the mainstream American supermarkets is a pretty removed experience. Outside of a butcher counter (if there’s actually a butcher behind the counter), everything is already sliced up and in identical portions behind glass, so you don’t really get a sense of the actual food. Heck, the chicken packed in plastic wrap and styrofoam is pretty far removed from an actual chicken on a farm (or in many cases in a supermarket, the assembly line). That said for someone who hasn’t lived in an area with a lot of Asian markets, it’s a pretty shocking experience when you go into one for the first time.

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Let’s all go to the lobby and get ourselves a snack!: Food and Film

I admit, despite the chick-flick trappings, I am excited about Julie & Julia (and not just because Julia Child is my namesake). I studied film for a while, so a good food sequence in a movie that can make my mouth water is a thing to behold. Both film and food can be wonderful, disastrous, or bring out our deepest emotions. I rarely get a chance to bring the two sides together in real life, so I’m taking this opportunity to discuss a few of my favorite food-in-film moment (in no particular order and beware Spoilers!!): Continue reading

Kekkou desu, Fujisan

There are certain things that you love as a kid that you look back on with bewilderment, “what was I thinking?” The Teppanyaki steakhouse is one of those for me. Growing up in the South meant, until recently, that Asian food meant heavily battered General Tso’s and sushi was scoffed at as something you would rather find in a tackle box than a plate. Even now, my friends gape when I tell them how good a slab of fatty raw tuna can be. That was what I loved about Hibachi food growing up. It seemed exotic, maybe a little dangerous with the knives, yet still safe enough to enjoy. Imagine being a suburban kid and entering a place where they cook, in front of you! Onion volcanoes! Knives flying about! It introduced me to Asian Food outside of a La Choy Chow Mein can.

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