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Whole Foods Tax Free April 15th!

Hey Everybody just a quickie post about Whole Foods’ upcoming tax Free day on April 15th.    All groceries will be tax free next Thursday April 15th with additional items being deep discounted.  Hope you all go out and find some great food to cook at your local Whole Foods!

Here is the Triangle Business journal article


Finding some peace at Cafe Harmony

There’s a lot that makes me happy about the expanding organic movement; the focus on the source of our food, attention back to local, non-corporate farming, raising the questions of ethics into what we eat. But, I’ve also seen a lot of bad with the movement when it comes to the food it prepares. Food can be healthy and ethical, but it should also taste good and a lot of restaurants I’ve been to focusing on the organic lost the focus on imagination and basic seasoning. When I heard that my local organic food store Harmony Farms had opened up a small brunch/lunch cafe, I was hoping that they’d be able to jump that hurdle and offer something really surprising…

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