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In Search of: Chapel Hill Sushi at Sushi Yoshi

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While everyone talks about Durham being a burgeoning food capital, I always thought that Chapel Hill could give it a run for its money. I think the mix of academia, internationalism, and its hippie past create the perfect storm, it’s a place that both embraces the crunchy local food movement, high end cuisine, and a slice of Greasy faux-NY pizza, all within walking distance of each other. However, it surprises me that with all of different tastes and place to choose from, finding a decent sushi restaurant there is pretty daunting. After all, sushi is pretty darn ubiquitous now, so you’d think there’d be at least one good sushi joint in all of Chapel Hill. Tony and I didn’t realize it’d be such a search.

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Adventures in Home Cooking: Tomato Salad




Tomatoy Goodness

Tomatoy Goodness

Labor Day is the last gasp of Summer. No more shorts, time to put away my sunscreen, Tony’s speedo must go up on the shelf (just kidding). What better way to celebrate the end of the season with an old-fashioned cookout (not “a barbecue” Northerners, you eat barbecue, you eat at a cookout)? Our friends Molly and Brian hostessed and hosted respectively a great cookout featuring so many smoked meats, vegetarians around the world cried out in pain. I could have lived in that smoker next to the ribs and chicken. Continue reading