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O Canada ya’all: Poutine in North Carolina

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A couple of weeks ago after a night out (beer may have been involved) with my coworkers, I was up late on twitter after Julia went to bed.  I mentioned casually that I had been to Backyard Bistro, and although I had not had a chance to taste it, I had seen that they were apparently serving poutine.  Poutine is a French-Canadian bar food dish that is a plate of  fries topped with gravy and cheese curds.  There was a very quick response by a couple of twitter friends who were both very excited by the prospect of getting a chance to have poutine down here in Oak City.  I first learned about Poutine on a trip to Toronto in Grad school where I sampled it at a couple of different places and really, really liked it.  I was very excited to find that a couple of other locals shared my enthusiasm for Canadian bar food, so we got together a little meetup and we were on our way. Continue reading