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Real Southern Comfort: Cheerwine Doughnuts

I grew up not too far away from the border of NC, so it amazes me that I lived so close, yet never had a cheerwine. So many wasted years…. Cheerwine is just one of those things that I think of when I think of North Carolina now. And in the world of breakfast pastries, Krispe Kreme stands head and shoulders above everything else, at least to my fellow Southerners and I. So when Tony uttered the four most magical words to me, “Cheerwine Krispe Kreme Doughnuts,” how could I resist?

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Corner Markets, doughnut sludge, and space beer

Hey there everybody.  I thought I would a do a fun little links blog post.  I haven’t had a chance to do one of these for a long time, but I always enjoy doing so when I get a chance.

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