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Food Truck Rodeo The Second Coming: A Pictoral

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We decided to give the Food Truck Round up a second chance this weekend after our bad experience waiting in line for 2 and half hours for Bulkogi during the first one.  Despite the wait we really did enjoy the food the first time around, so we had to go see if things had a gotten a bit better as far as organization.  Of course it turns out it was the hottest day of the year with a high of 102 on Sunday, so we made it our goal to get in and out as fast as possible.  Maybe the heat made for a lower turn out, but it really did seem a lot better organized with a much shorter wait even at Bulkogi (though still the longest line).  I really like the way that the food truck rodeo is shaping up and I think it will be great to go to in the cooler fall months when it is a bit more comfortable to linger.  Anyways, I got my Only Burger so I was a very happy camper.


For more info on the food truck rodeo see our food truck rally post: http://wp.me/pAgIi-pg

Food Truckapalooza in Durham

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In theory, the Bull City Food Truck Fiesta should have been an awesome day. Foodies, loads of good food, and a great selection of beers at Sam’s Quik Shop, which was hosting. While the day was good for introducing the growing food truck scene in the Triangle, the heat and the massive amount of people turned a good time into a sunstroke-inducing afternoon.

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