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Finally!!!!!!! Dogs at Roast Grill

Tony and I have been waiting patiently for a long time to get to eat at Roast Grill.  Seeing it featured on one of my favorite food shows, “Man vs. Food,” made the wait even more excruciating. It’s been weeks, maybe even months. You’d think that we were on a waiting list for some fancy restaurant, not hot dogs. The problem was that the legendary Roast Grill (7 S West St., Raleigh, NC 27603-1849) has crazy hours and every time we went, it was closed. We showed up two Saturdays in a row and they were closed each time for a wedding. I love roasted hot dogs, it seems like you only get the boiled kind around here, so I wanted to cry out of disappointment. The thing we were most afraid of was after the wait, would these hot dogs be worth it?
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Snoopy’s: Give me Coney dogs or give me Death


We Americans sure do love to our random meat stuffed together and put on bun, particular that which has been shoved into a tube. I for one have always been game for a great hot dog, whether as a snack on the go or one that has been carefully charred on the family grill.   North Carolina is not necessarily a place that you think of when you think of great hot dogs, but Snoopy’s(1931 Wake Forest Rd, Raleigh) proves that you don’t need to go to Chicago or New York for a good one.

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