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Adventures in Home Cooking: Italian Sausage with beans and tarragon

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In case you haven’t noticed by the lagging number of blog posts, it’s already been a hectic holiday season. After a quick scan of the calendar, every weekend is filled with preparations, get-togethers, work functions, etc. So, the problem is what to do when you get home. My first instinct when I get home is to crash, throw on Netflix, and throw myself at a bag of chips until I fall asleep. Not exactly creative, so I’m trying to grab inspiration wherever I can get it, even if it means embracing ingredients that normally don’t scream “delicious!” to me.

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“Our State Fair is a Great State Fair”


This past week has been crazy if you’re driving down Blue Ridge. Cars lined up as far as the eye can see. It can only mean one thing: State Fair!!!!!!!!!Tony and I love the N.C. state fair; there’s local culture*fried food*, the arts*more fried food*, and agriculture *did I mention fried food?* Oh yeah, and then there’s the food. I love fairs and carnivals because it’s such a great excuse to indulge and the fair always finds new ways to push the fried envelope.
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